Facebook Video downloader

Fbvideox is a tool to download videos from Facebook with multiple quality starting from 320p to 1080p, suitable for use on Android and PC and it is compatible with the new Facebook style  

Preparing download links ...

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Copy the video link you want to download from Facebook Platform.

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Past the link you copied into the special download box on our website.

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Click "Download" button, choose the required quality from the list.

How to download videos from Facebook?

We have different options to download videos from Facebook using our platform.


1- Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension

  • download our Facebook video extension to your browser.
  • move the mouse on the video and you will find direct download icons on the video.
  • clicking on the icon, you will go to the download page directly.


2- FB Video X Downloader

if you use a desktop or you do not have the extension saved on your device, you also can download Facebook videos easily using our website. Just go to Facebook and right click on the video. Then, copy the video URL and go to our website and paste the link in the download box. Finally, choose the required video quality that you want and save it on your device.


Features of our Facebook Video Downloader

Our website has a range of features that make it the best way to download Facebook videos on all types of devices and with ease. The first and most important feature is that our website is 100% free and we do not have any charges on using the service. You can download countless Facebook videos with no limits. There are no annoying ads you need to watch before using our services.


Our website is completely secure website without any risk of viruses or malware. All the tools are compatible with all types of Internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox and more. You are not required to sign in, sign up, or verify the user's personality. There are no files to download before using the website for service.



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