About Us

Facebook is the most popular social media platform that thousands of users worldwide use to connect to each other and share life events. Thousands of videos are shared on this platform every minute. Although these videos can be viewed online, sometimes we love a video and wish to download the same video. This is when downloading video from Facebook is within reach through our website.


Our website is a web application that helps you download any public or private video from your Facebook account. It’s a simple and easy-to-use online tool, just copy a link to your video on Facebook and paste it into the text box and click Download.


We keep our tools up to date to give you a better user experience, but sometimes you may have problems downloading your favorite Facebook video due to technical issues beyond our control. We are here to help you download your video as quickly as possible. We also tend to resolve these issues as soon as possible, and we ask you to let us know by writing an email to us ([email protected]).


Our fbvideox.com website is a fast and secure way to download Facebook videos online. You can download Facebook videos without fear of any clip ads or photo ads. You do not need to spend time signing up for the website or filling out any templates. All you need to do is use the video information to download the video you choose from Facebook at a specific time.

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